Launch of the New EBRD Good Governance Policies

Main Hall, Level 1, Hotel Holiday

This event will launch the EBRD’s new Good Governance Policies, which have been prepared by the EBRD’s Environment and Sustainability Department, the Project Complaint Mechanism team and the Office of the Secretary General. These three policies - the Environmental and Social Policy, the Access to Information Policy, and the Project Accountability Policy - represent the fundamental governance policies of the Bank. They cover the Bank’s environmental, social, transparency and accountability-related responsibilities referenced in Article 2.1(vii) of the Agreement Establishing the EBRD, and identify the requirements for clients, management and the Board in fulfilling these responsibilities for all approved Bank projects. The processes for reviewing these 2019 policies received strong internal and external feedback, following extensive external consultations. This event at the Annual Meeting will include a brief introduction to and summary of all three policies. Representatives of the three EBRD teams involved in the preparation of these new Good Governance Policies will share details of the key changes, including those made in response to feedback from public consultations. The event will conclude with a Q&A session. The event will be hosted by the Civil Society Engagement Unit.

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Nimmi Chagger



Suma Chakrabarti

President, EBRD

Suma Chakrabarti is the sixth President of the EBRD. During his Presidency, the EBRD has increased transition impact on the ground in its nearly 40 countries of operations, recently hitting record investment levels of nearly €10 billion. He has overseen the start of operations in countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean and the Bank now has 69 shareholders. The Bank has also focused on enhancing policy engagement in such areas as Green Economy Transition and social and economic inclusion. All of this has been achieved while maintaining the EBRD’s strong capital base and ‘AAA’ rating. Prior to the EBRD, Suma held key positions in the UK’s Civil Service: he was Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, headed DFID, and also worked in the Treasury and Cabinet Office.

Alistair Clark

Managing Director, Environment & Sustainability, EBRD

Dr Alistair Clark is Managing Director of the Environment and Sustainability Department. His role includes ensuring that all investments are consistent with the Environmental and Social Policy and Environmental Procedures of EBRD and he is also responsible for providing strategic direction to EBRD on the implementation of the Bank’s environmental and social mandate and the incorporation of environmental and social aspects in all sector and country policies and strategies. He has been responsible for the 2003, 2008 and 2014 Environmental and Social Policies of EBRD. He is a member of EBRD’s Senior Management Group, the UK Export Guarantee Advisory Council and Trustee of Television for the Environment, a UK registered charity specialising in environmental and social issues.

Sarah Hanes

Principal, PCM, EBRD

Sarah Hanes is Principal, Project Complaint Mechanism at the EBRD, and lead author of the EBRD’s 2019 Project Accountability Policy. She is a corporate sustainability specialist with experience in environmental and social impact assessment, policy development and stakeholder engagement. She has worked with IFIs, multinational engineering consultancies and the Government of Canada in both accountability and project development roles. Sarah was awarded the Deputy Ministers' Award of Excellence in Policy and Program Development for contributions to Canada's first International Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy in 2009.
She holds an undergraduate degree in International Development and Globalisation (University of Ottawa) and a Master of Environment and Business (University of Waterloo).

Anna Samolis

Principal, Board and Institutional Affairs, EBRD

Anna Samolis is Principal, Board and Institutional Affairs, in the EBRD’s Office of the Secretary General. During her career at the EBRD she has worked in various departments in both the Bank’s London Headquarters and its Regional Office in Moscow, and her positions include Banker in the Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure team (2005-2016) and Environmental Specialist in the Environment and Sustainability Department (1998-2004).
Anna holds an MSc in Environmental Management from Oxford University and an MBA from London Business School.

Mikko Venermo

Associated Director, Lead Adviser, Environment and Sustainability, EBRD

Mikko is Lead Adviser in EBRD’s Environment and Sustainability Department (ESD). As a core member of ESD’s management group, he operates at a strategic level to implement the Bank’s sustainability mandate, with responsibilities ranging from managing EBRD's Environmental and Social (E&S) Policy framework to developing approaches for impactful green and sustainability investments.
Mikko also provides leadership and advice on issues related to robust standards for green and sustainable finance, including the Bank’s Green Economy Transition approach, Green Bonds, Green Cities programme, E&S impact reporting, impact investing and sustainable finance and sustainability initiatives.